UpMobility Foundation Strives to Bridge the Divisions That Threaten America

05/02/2022 9:40 PM | Admin (Administrator)

In an April 9th piece in USA Today,  Fetzer Institute president Bob Boisture delves into a topic that is central to the UpMobility Foundation—connecting others across political and racial divides. And it is clear that our country is starving for unity —as Boisture mentions, poll after poll  indicate that most Americans see increasing division as harmful to the country. 

Like Boisture, UpMobility Foundation sees the increasing polarization in America as a threat to our democracy. We recognize the power of  moving away from tribalism and using love as the foundation of our interactions with our fellow citizens—allowing us to  assume the best about each other, not the worst. As Boisture writes, using love allows us to work with a deep sense of shared humanity and to admit when we have wronged each other. Seeing those around us through a lens of love helps us to move past labels like “democrat” and “republican” to create  the common ground that seems to be missing in the way that we interact with each other now.

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