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    As the Coronavirus pandemic picked up steam in early Spring 2020, On Point for College Utica Director Kevin Marken knew that the inevitable move to remote learning would be disastrous for many of their students, who often have limited access to computers. Luckily, the UpMobility Foundation was able to help On Point provide students with over 200 laptops—and they aren't done giving them out yet. 

    On Point for College, which has worked to help underprivileged students get into and stay in college since 1999, quickly expanded their long-running loaner laptop program, with a focus on students who were about to start college. By early April, On Point was distributing refurbished laptops (some equipped with new hard drives) that feature anti-virus software as well as an administrative portal that is able to help with students tech-support questions. Additionally, On Point distributed thumb drives to students. The City of Utica as well as Utica College have stepped up to provide wi-fi access. 

    The impact of these laptops on the greater community is just beginning to be felt. Kevin Marken recounted how one recipient, a refugee from Somalia, thanked him for her laptop, saying that it enabled her five siblings to get help with their homework and gave her parents a way to look for work. UpMobility Foundation recognizes the ability of technology to empower not only students but entire families. We look forward to continuing to help On Point for College uplift students and their families as we continue to support the causes of advancing education as well as community building. 

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    UpMobility Foundation is pleased to announce our  support of MedShare,  a humanitarian aid nonprofit that delivers surplus medical supplies and equipment to those in need in 100 countries. With distribution centers located in the South as well as on the East and West coasts, MedShare helps increase health system capacity and drives sustainability by giving biomedical equipment training and services to healthcare organizations as well as medical professionals serving needy populations. Support from organizations like UpMobility has enabled MedShare to serve 26 million patients worldwide. In the US, MedShare has enabled millions of pounds of equipment and supplies to be diverted from landfills. 

     As two of UpMobility's giving categories are humanitarian aid and access to healthcare, we believe that our support of MedShare is a further demonstration of our commitment to uplifting people, including those in developing countries.  

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    UpMobility Foundation is happy to announce our  support of Defy Ventures,  a  nonprofit organization founded in 2010 that works to lower prison recidivism rates through a variety of programs conducted for incarcerated people as well as those who have been released. In 2020, 80% of those who went through Defy's post-release program were able to find employment. Less than 10% of those who go through Defy's programs return to prison --in contrast, the national recidivism rate is more than 30%. 

    Our founder Martin Babinec is a longtime supporter of Defy Ventures, as the organization aligns with his belief in the power of second chances and the importance of striving to improve one's circumstances. One of the key ways Defy Ventures helps incarcerated people as well as those who have recently been released from prison is equipping them with the knowledge to start their own businesses. This effort fits perfectly with UpMobility Foundation's support of entrepreneurship as well as our focus on promoting economic self-sufficiency. 

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    UpMobility Foundation grantee the Root Farm closed out 2020 on  a high note after an unprecedented year halted most of their operations. Thanks to support from UpMobility Foundation and other donors, the Root Farm was able to continue with some of their agricultural operations. Specifically, the Root Farm was able to resume operations with their freight farms--hydroponic farming systems retrofitted inside intermodal freight containers. The reinstatement of these freight farms is crucial as this allows for the Root Farm to grow produce that is harvested by as well as distributed to needy community members. Additionally, support from organizations like UpMobility has enabled the Root Farm to rehire two of their employees. 

    UpMobility is proud of the progress the Root Farm was able to make in the midst of a global crisis and looks forward to continuing to help them in the future. The work of the Root Farm truly embodies UpMobility's commitment to community building as well as helping those with special needs. 

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    In a year of unprecedented global turmoil, the UpMobility Foundation is proud to be able to continue our work with longtime partner Food for the Poor. In response to the economic impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on Jamaica, the UpMobility Foundation is working with Food for the Poor to put together food baskets for those in need. One of UpMobility Foundation's investment focuses is on humanitarian aid, and we are committed to helping the people of  Jamaica during this uncertain time. 

    Additionally, we are working to stock the baskets, which are projected to provide 175,000 meals,  with products from Jamaican businesses--a clear demonstration of our commitment to supporting local agriculture. 

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    UpMobility Foundation is honored to be the recipient of a 2020 Foundation of Hope Award from nonprofit organization On Point for College. Our founder Martin Babinec is a longtime supporter of On Point for College and was specifically recognized by the Utica, New York office director Kevin Marken for his "ongoing leadership" and "sage advice" that has "helped On Point forward the educational dreams of students in our region."

     On Point has recognized UpMobility Foundation for our "visionary investment" in their organization, an investment that has been instrumental in inspiring others to help "low income, refugee, inner city, foster care and other young people in Utica transform their lives and their community." This is directly in line with UpMobility Foundation's continued focus on advancing education as well as community building. 

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    UpMobility Foundation is pleased to announce our partnership with Upstate New York nonprofit The Root Farm. Located on over 100 acres in Sauquoit, New York, The Root Farm is focused on providing transformative learning experiences to all, regardless of age or ability level.

    The Root Farm features an equine-assisted therapy center, an agriculture center, and the world's first fully adaptive high ropes course, among other offerings. The Root Farm's commitment to creating inclusive, empowering experience aligns perfectly with UpMobility Foundation's focus on organizations that help those with special needs as well as engage in community building. 

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    UpMobility Foundation is proud to be a longtime supporter of the Little Falls Public Library in our founder Martin Babinec's hometown of Little Falls, New York. The library has played an integral role in Little Falls over the years, as it offers a  beautiful, historic place for community members to gather as well as a variety of programs for patrons of all ages. UpMobility Foundation is a firm believer in promoting community building as it is one of our key giving categories, and thus we are committed to supporting the  Little Falls Public Library during the continuing fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    UpMobility Foundation's support of the library helps to ensure that it will still be able to employ community members-- which speaks to our mission of helping others reach their fullest potential. 


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    UpMobility Foundation is excited to announce the rollout of the upgraded version of the Little Falls High School alumni website. Originally developed in 2005 as a digital alumni network through the work of our founder, Martin Babinec, the Little Falls High School alumni site now hosts over 3000 registered users. This latest iteration of the website gives Little Falls High School alumni the opportunity to interact with each other through posting memories, news, events, as well as sharing photo albums that can be shared with fellow classmates or all alumni.

    During a time when maintaining close connections is more important than ever, the UpMobility Foundation is excited to see how the LFHS alumni website will further strengthen the Little Falls High School alumni community. We are committed to continuing to build community in the Little Falls community and beyond. 

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    Our founder Martin Babinec's new book More Good Jobs details lessons he learned and key people he met in his journey to understand how to spur economic growth in his community.  While the book opens with a big picture view of challenges that communities face in creating more good jobs, it segues into a practical playbook for those who are interested in nudging their community towards becoming an economic magnet.

    More Good Jobs draws on Martin's background as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur--he is the founder of TriNet, a publicly-traded personal employer organization that has nearly four thousand employees and over 4 billion dollars in revenue in 2020. In his book, Martin emphasizes the importance of helping entrepreneurs start and grow companies as imperative to creating more good jobs.  

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