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    In an April 9th piece in USA Today,  Fetzer Institute president Bob Boisture delves into a topic that is central to the UpMobility Foundation—connecting others across political and racial divides. And it is clear that our country is starving for unity —as Boisture mentions, poll after poll  indicate that most Americans see increasing division as harmful to the country. 

    Like Boisture, UpMobility Foundation sees the increasing polarization in America as a threat to our democracy. We recognize the power of  moving away from tribalism and using love as the foundation of our interactions with our fellow citizens—allowing us to  assume the best about each other, not the worst. As Boisture writes, using love allows us to work with a deep sense of shared humanity and to admit when we have wronged each other. Seeing those around us through a lens of love helps us to move past labels like “democrat” and “republican” to create  the common ground that seems to be missing in the way that we interact with each other now.

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    UpMobility Foundation is pleased to announce our partnership with Right to Start, a nonprofit organization that was founded on the vision that all Americans deserve a right to entrepreneurial opportunity, regardless of race, location or background. 

    Right to Start is closely aligned with several of UpMobility Foundation’s funding areas, including free society, as Right to Start strives to build an advocacy base of citizens to drive civic change that expands entrepreneurial opportunities for all. Right to Start also exemplifies UpMobility Foundation’s commitment to economic self-sufficiency by creating a more favorable environment for people to start and grow businesses. Additionally, Right to Start encapsulates UpMobility Foundation’s commitment to advancing social justice and racial justice due to Right to Start’s focus on lifting the voices of entrepreneurs who have been left out of the system in the past, to advocate for a more level playing field so they can succeed and build wealth.

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    UpMobility Foundation partner On Point for College in Utica, New York is collaborating with the Young Scholars Liberty Partnerships Program of Utica College in an effort to help their students finish their college applications. Students in the Young Scholars program have recently been accepted at colleges including: Utica College, Mohawk Valley Community College, Hamilton College, SUNY Buffalo, Russell Sage College, University at Albany, Pace University, The College of St. Rose, Siena College, Alfred State College, St. Bonaventure, Le Moyne College, SUNY Poly, Rochester Institute of Technology, UC Riverside, UC Irvine, SUNY Oswego, Suffolk University, Colgate University and Texas Tech. 

    UpMobility Foundation is dedicated to supporting education in the Mohawk Valley community and beyond. We are encouraged by the collaborative efforts between our partners as we recognize that the most effective way to bring about change is through organizations working together.

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    At its annual meeting on March 16, UpMobility Foundation appointed David Read, its newest board member, for a four-year (three) term. Dave is a Little Falls native who has over forty years of experience in advising individuals and small businesses in areas such as tax, insurance, real estate, and investments. Currently, Dave is the president of a corporation that owns and operates fourteen franchise tax offices for H&R Block, which specialize in year-round tax and accounting service for individuals and small businesses.

    The addition of Dave Read to the Board further enhances the expertise that the Board possesses to achieve its mission. Dave joins current board members Martin Babinec, Kevin Langley and Peggy O’Shea.

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    Using the ideas put forth in our founder Martin Babinec’s book More Good Jobs, the More Good Jobs platform was launched in 2021 to provide a virtual community and support structure for  builders and supporters of innovation economies and entrepreneurial ecosystems everywhere.

     According to More Good Jobs community manager James Shomar, the progress made thus far in developing the community is beginning to be seen through the wide-ranging connections made between members. More Good Jobs fans from  Oregon to the United Kingdom have been able to support each other in everything from sharing best business practices to connecting each other with resources. With the support of the UpMobility Foundation, the More Good Jobs platform  will continue to build on this entrepreneurial community in 2022 with additional events to serve their members. Entrepreneurship and community development remain some of UpMobility's highest priorities in terms of funding and we are excited to see what's next for the More Good Jobs community. 

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    Fewer than 1% of women of color entrepreneurs reach $1M in annual revenue—and UpMobility grantee Million Dollar Women Fund is looking to change that. Led by noted entrepreneur Julia Pimsleur, Million Dollar Women Fund has helped many women of color entrepreneurs gain access to business training, powerful networks, mentors as well as capital needed to scale up their businesses. 

    One of the women chosen for the program is Aliya Thomas, a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant who is is the founder of Elevated Style by Aliya in New York City. With what she learned through the Million Dollar Women’s Fund’s master class approach, Ms. Thomas was able to outsource her newsletter and marketing and communications, giving her time to offer additional products and services in her business. Supporting entrepreneurship is one of the cornerstones of UpMobility Foundation and we hope to continue to support organizations like Million Dollar Women Fund long into the future. 

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    Founded in May 1969 as a summer camp, ARC Herkimer has grown into the premier provider of services for people with disabilities in Herkimer County, New York. With the support of many sponsors including the UpMobility Foundation, ARC Herkimer has continued to innovate to better help its members, including taking the unusual step of acquiring the Mohawk Valley Country Club in the spring of 2020. 

    Now called the MV Golf & Event Center, the former Mohawk Valley Country Club employs some of ARC Herkimer’s own residents—a testament to their belief in the power that work can have in the lives of developmentally disabled people. With its 18-hole golf course and restaurant as well as sizable event space, the MV Golf & Event Center has become an area hit. UpMobility Foundation has been closely involved in the development of the MV Golf & Event Center and we look forward to continuing our long relationship with ARC Herkimer as they enhance the lives of those with disabilities as well as lift up the community. 

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    Longtime UpMobility grantee On Point for college is known in the Mohawk Valley and beyond for helping nontraditional students get into college—but, just as importantly, they also help these students with a myriad of challenges that come after they are accepted. As discussed in an article in a January 2022 Washington Post in which On Point for College was mentioned, the challenges faced by underprivileged students can be hard to fathom by those who are more advantaged. 

    Giovanni Harvey, a student mentioned in the Washington Post article, had his bags packed to start his new life as a college student but wasn't able to secure the $25 for a bus ticket from his home to campus. Luckily, an On Point volunteer arrived at his home to drive him and his few belongings the one hour to his university. He is now slated to graduate from SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Utica, where he founded a mentoring program  served as Student Body President.

    UpMobility remains committed to partnering with organizations that advance education, and we are especially excited by those organizations like On Point who go beyond just giving students money to get into college. On Point for College realizes the layers of need in the populations they serve and they continue to iterate to meet those needs. 

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    The Little Falls City School district (LFCSD) was more prepared than many school districts for remote learning in the early days of the Coronavirus pandemic. As a result of Little Falls City School district's long association with UpMobility Foundation, most middle and high students were immediately provided with Chromebooks if they did not have access to a computer at home. Within about a month of the shutdown, students in grades three to five without computer access were also given Chromebooks. Additionally, the transition to remote learning was made easier by the fact that the district had already had years of daily tech support from Connecticut-based Trusted Technologies—an advantage that was also provided by UpMobility Foundation. Trusted Technologies services included a much-utilized tech support hotline for students and teachers.

    Additionally, UpMobility was able to help to provide WiFi access points around the city of Little Falls and in rural areas with sufficient cell signal coverage. As a result of these efforts, the number of students and teachers with limited or no internet access dropped from about 60 districtwide at the beginning of the closure to under  20 students out of 1,075 students districtwide. UpMobility Foundation remains committed to advancing education as well as giving back to the city of Little Falls.

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    Following the devastating, 7.2 magnitude earthquake that rocked Haiti on August 14, UpMobility Foundation consulted with our longtime partner Food for the Poor to see how we could help, as humanitarian aid is one of our key giving areas. Food for the Poor is an expert on Haiti, having been on the ground in the country since 1986. 

    According to UNICEF, the earthquake, which has claimed thousands of lives, has affected over half a million children. As we were informed on a call with Food for the Poor, one of the most pressing needs facing the Haitian people is shelter, as the earthquake has decimated thousands of structures. UpMobility is proud that we will be able to contribute a significant donation to the relief effort and thus be able to help Haitian people meet their basic needs.  At this time, our philanthropy is enabling six tractor-trailers of food to be delivered to needy families. 

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