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08/08/2023 4:15 AM | Anonymous

When it comes to giving back, UpMobility Foundation believes that real change is not just made through writing checks. Whenever possible, we incorporate Catalytic Philanthropy into our giving. Coined by Mark Kramer in a 2009 article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Catalytic Philanthropy has funders take a hands-on approach as they share their knowledge and experience as well as personal networks. A prime example of UpMobility Foundation’s commitment to Catalytic Philanthropy is our work with Right to Start. 

Founded in 2020 by Victor Hwang, who The Atlantic called “the guide to the next America,” Right to Start is a 501(c)3 organization that works to expand entrepreneurial opportunities for everyone, regardless of race, place or background. To this end, Right to Start promotes entrepreneurship through grassroots organizing and mobilizing, policy advocacy and engagement, as well as media and storytelling. Right to Start’s principles are a perfect match for the ethos of the UpMobility Foundation, as we strive to help people reach their full potential, including through entrepreneurship. 

Like Right to Start, UpMobility Foundation believes that entrepreneurship can transform local and regional economies. In addition to being the entrepreneur behind TriNet, a publicly-traded human resources outsourcing company, our founder Martin Babinec has launched other organizations designed to empower entrepreneurs, including Entrepreneurs Across Borders (EAB) and Upstate Venture Connect (UVC). Like Victor Hwang, Martin recognizes the importance of  influencing public policy to make lasting change in society—he is also the founder of Unite New York (UNY), an organization that invests in reforms and political candidates who seek to create a fairer, more open State government. We see the UpMobility Foundation as well as EAB, UVC, and UNY coming together as a force to catalyze Right to Start’s efforts to advance entrepreneurship.  

UpMobility Foundation believes that philanthropic giving combined with the power of  leveraging relationships and knowledge causes more good things to happen faster. With our work with Right to Start, we not only funded a grant request, we engaged in working on a long term strategy and invested in a relationship where we can share resources and introductions. We look forward to  helping Right to Start influence society through the creation of homegrown jobs, higher incomes, stronger communities, lower inequality and less poverty.

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