UpMobility Foundation Partners with Right to Start to Promote Entrepreneurship

04/20/2022 11:45 AM | Admin (Administrator)

UpMobility Foundation is pleased to announce our partnership with Right to Start, a nonprofit organization that was founded on the vision that all Americans deserve a right to entrepreneurial opportunity, regardless of race, location or background. 

Right to Start is closely aligned with several of UpMobility Foundation’s funding areas, including free society, as Right to Start strives to build an advocacy base of citizens to drive civic change that expands entrepreneurial opportunities for all. Right to Start also exemplifies UpMobility Foundation’s commitment to economic self-sufficiency by creating a more favorable environment for people to start and grow businesses. Additionally, Right to Start encapsulates UpMobility Foundation’s commitment to advancing social justice and racial justice due to Right to Start’s focus on lifting the voices of entrepreneurs who have been left out of the system in the past, to advocate for a more level playing field so they can succeed and build wealth.

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